Sunday, October 18, 2009

Free Gift!

Okay.. who doesn't LOVE a FREE GIFT!!! While I was munching on my delicious Annie's Bunny Grahams.."no icky additives or pesky preservatives", I was reading the box (0f-course) and on the side they are offering FREE recycle stickers! I am sticking my on the side of the recycle bin in our laundry room... what are you going to do with yours? BTW, Annie's even uses environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks on their boxes!!

To get your free recycle sticker, send a SASE to:

Annie's Recycles
564 Gateway Drive
Napa, CA 94558

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Companies Rallying for the Environment!

Anyone that knows us, is aware that we are making great strides toward living green. Thus, today we wanted to share two products that also are making efforts to save the earth.

The first company is Tropicana who is helping to save the Rainforest. According to their website, as of this morning, over 73 million sq ft of rainforest (in Peru) have been purchased for preservation!! How can you help? It's easy, just enter the code found on your OJ and 100 sq ft are purchased. You can even dedicate the sq footage to someone and they will send them an email!!

The second company is Proctor & Gamble, the makers of DAWN. Perhaps you have seen their newest commercial showing animals victim to oil spills and Dawn's role in the cleanup? The baby animals are adorable and I can't see how it could fail to bring tears to the eyes of most Americans! Right now, a purchase of Dawn donates $1 to wildlife preservation. You MUST, however, visit their website and enter a code found on the bottle. Great donation considering I paid $2.10 for the soap!!
It is so easy to make a difference, just 5 minutes of your time!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Harry Potter HBP Movie Night!

Tonight we finally got to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We had waited sooo long! Chandler dressed in his Gryffindor Robes for the occasion, which brought smiles and gushing, sweet comments from nearly every passerby. The movie was spectacular (it goes without saying that the book cannot be topped) and I LOVED Hermione's wardrobe throughout the movie. I so wish I had her stylist! Great juxtaposition of humor and suspense.

After the credits rolled, Chandler turned to me with welled up, teary eyes and said that he wasn't sure we should buy that DVD because it was too sad. He is so empathetic.

It's gonna be a long wait for Deathly Hallows. Oh, and as if the movie couldn't be any better, they trailered New Moon.. Oh, my heart be still!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Dangers of Spaghetti & How to do the Heimlich Maneuver

Yesterday, as I was leaving for work, I leaned over to kiss Chandler good-bye when I noticed he had a very startled expression. He had been chowing down on his spaghetti, slurping away, when a few rogue pieces traveled down the wrong pipe. In my panic, I couldn't remember how to do CPR/Heimlich Maneuver on a child. So, my beloved son was the recipient of Infant CPR/Heimlich Maneuver. I am definitely more versed in that area. Bless his heart, I am surprised I didn't give him a pneumo with my vigorous back blows. Praise God it still worked!

But for everyone's benefit, below is a refresher on how to do Child CPR/Heimlich Maneuver.

How to do the Heimlich Maneuver & CPR on a Child:

Signs of choking in the child with a completely blocked airway are:
The child suddenly begins to cough, gag or have high-pitched, noisy breathing
An older child may make the choking sign (holding the neck with one or both hands)
The child has bluish lips or skin

Actions to Relieve Choking in a Child
When a child is choking and can't breathe or speak, you must give abdominal thrusts (the Heimlich maneuver). The Heimlich maneuver pushes air from the child's lungs like a cough. This can help remove the blocking object. You should give abdominal thrusts until the object is forced out or the victim becomes unresponsive.
If you think a child is choking, ask the child "Are you choking?" If he nods, tell him you are going to help.
1. Kneel or stand firmly behind him and wrap your arms around him so that your hands are in front.
2. Make a fist with one hand.
3. Put the thumb side of your fist slightly above the navel (belly button) and well below the breastbone.
4. Grasp the fist with your other hand and give quick upward thrusts into his abdomen.
5. Give thrusts until the object is forced out and he can breathe, cough, or talk or until he stops responding.

If the choking is not relieved, the child will become unresponsive. When the child becomes unresponsive, shout for help, lower the child to the ground, and start CPR. If someone else is present, send that person to phone 9-1-1 while you start CPR.

The steps of CPR of the child who has become unresponsive after choking are the same, with one addition.
1. Yell for help. If someone comes, send that person to phone your emergency response number (or 911) and get the AED if available.
2. Lower the victim to the ground, faceup. If you are alone with the child victim, start the steps of CPR.
3. Every time you open the airway to give breaths, open the victim's mouth wide and look for the object. If you s
ee an object, remove it with your fingers. If you do not see an object, keep giving sets of 30 compressions and two breaths until an AED arrives, the victim starts to move, or trained help takes over.
4. After about five cycles or two minutes, if you are alone, leave the child victim to call your emergency response number (or 911) and get the AED if available.

Chest compressions may force the object out. If you are alone with the child and these steps don't work after about one minute, phone 9-1-1.
***The above steps are from the American Heart Association***

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Continuing our Eco-friendly Efforts

It has come to my attention that today is "World Ocean's Day"!

How I miss living near the beach! The ocean is an amazing, living entity. Our planet is almost 3/4 ocean. It is beautiful and powerful. And I believe that it is part of our responsibility to care for it.

I am amazed how often people see us with our reusable shopping bags and comment, "We should start using those!" Target started last week by crediting customers 5 cents per reusable bag! What if every store did that? Imagine the possibilities!

We also purchased a door mat today from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is made of recycled and scrap flip-flops! It is too cute and it reminds me of in college when I took a rock-climbing class and the floor of the facility was made from flip-flop remnants!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

1st Day at the Pool = ER Visit

This post is late, go-figure. So last Saturday we dealt with burning down the kitchen and the very next day, chaos continued...

Last weekend was the much anticipated re-opening of our community pool. We splish-splashed and swam around for nearly two hours when the "hurt cry" halted our festivities. Even new parents quickly learn to differentiate between cries. There's the "I'm angry" cry, "I'm tired" cry and the "I'm hurt" cry. This cry grabbed the attention of every parent at the pool. Chandler limped up the stairs of the pool and although I was fairly far away, I could see the blood. Our pool is irregular shaped and instead of corners that cut out like a traditional rectangular pool, there are areas with little alcoves where corners cut in. Chandler was swimming/kicking and his ankle struck one of the corners that jutted out, splitting his ankle open. Pressure applied, bleeding slowed... but not stopped. Quick examination of his wound and I knew he needed sutures.

Four hours later, we left the ER... all sutured up! Chandler was so incredibly brave. Even the doctors and nurses commented on how well he handled the procedure! No tears!

Also pictured... Chandler's first set of stitches.. at 12 months old. So my fault... and to this day I am consumed with guilt when I think about it. In his 1 yr old birthday party pictures he is all bandaged. =(

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is Something Burning?????????

There are certain words and phrases that as a parent immediately cause your heart to start racing.... "Mommy, mommy, come quick.." is one that I am fairly accustomed to.

But today, it was a thought that kicked my body into fight or flight. I was in the guest bedroom paying some bills online when I caught a drift of something..."What's that smell? Is something burning?" The distant hum of the microwave was my second clue. I jumped to my feet, ran down the hall (while simultaneously screaming out "Chandler?" to confirm his safety) and as I rounded the corner I saw it: SMOKE, EVERYWHERE. The triple beep signaling the microwave was done helped me re-focus, temporarily distracted by the smoke.

Now, I have been inside a burning house before and seen true flames and smoke. And another time, at my parents' old house, I foolishly trusted the "popcorn" button on the microwave to accurately sense when the popping was actually finished. Today's microwave casualty produced a volume of smoke that fell somewhere between the two.

It's amazing how quickly smoke can penetrate 1175 sq ft. I found Chandler cowering, scared in the living room, terror transcribed across his precious face. I darted in the kitchen, assessed the microwave was not actively going up in flames and returned to the living room to embrace Chandler. "Hon-ney? Did you use the microwave?" I asked in my most gentle voice. His little head bobbed up and down. "What did you try to cook?" I inquired. "My muffin" he literally choked out.

Amidst a great deal of coughing and choking, I opened the front door, sliding glass door and all the windows, and flipped on all the ceiling fans while trying not to get smoke inhalation.

Ah, so the smoke was the bi-product of scorched sugar! (I thought the smoke had a little extra kick to it. Yuck) Chandler got a chocolate with chocolate chip Otis Sputmeyer Muffin yesterday and was saving it for a special treat. Usually I will melt it in the microwave for ten seconds, just enough to soften the chocolate chips. This makes the muffin taste like the molten lava cake from Chili's, which we both adore! We sometimes even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. "Chandler, how long did you cook the muffin?" I asked. "For 5 minutes," he sheepishly replied. "Okay," I respond, "Can you please remember not to use the microwave without a grown-up?" "YEAH!" he categorically affirmed.

So, I am off to investigate why the smoke alarm never went off? and to swat a fly that has made his way in through the wide open front door.

And if you happen to visit us anytime in the near future and our home still wreaks of smoke, you know why. =)